Saturday, 16 October 2010


As I sit listening to the Fray's two albums on Spotify and after reading a co-worker's blog on the demise of our Unsigned Music Programme, Raw Britannia, I began to feel the need to add some more diversity to my Blog, rather than just the mindless ramblings of a third year criminology and sociology student.

Raw Britannia is no more. Full Stop.

At least the Raw Britannia that I and all the other crew members that with me have resigned from Executive Producer's television show idea.  I don't completely understand all the technical details, as I've written before my job at RB was as an Artist Liason and as "Booking and Stage Manager", I prefer Set-list dude, fancy and inappropriate titles are silly and mis-leading.  However, the RB show may be cancelled at Hull Uni (we still believe the Exec Producer's may continue with it somewhere else, but it may well fail) but on the positive note, we, the Hull Uni crew, have a new direction, one that has been cutely re-named for now as "Project X" by my co-worker.  I myself am looking forward to this as we may well be given some good backing by Hull Uni but more than anything it will be our thing, we will be the bosses and we've all been bumped up to production team (personal triumph for me).  I am looking forward to the next team-meeting on Tuesday although it shall be a brief meeting for me as I will have to rush off to rugby pretty sharp-ish.

Other things aside from RB and "Project-X", is to mention the Hull fair and the ISA party last night.  It's depressing to say but both have lost their touch.  The Fair, maybe just Hull's or maybe all fairs, have lost their appeal, no longer do I want to spend a shed load of money on Rides that last a minute and make me dizzy or buy lots and lots of candy apples, candy floss and other types of sweets, including Brandy Snaps.  I did go on three rides a severe decrease from my first year when I went on about 12 and spent about £20, this year including food, I only spent £11.  The rides I went on were fun albeit the ghost train for a quid was more dangerous than scary, low ceilings that had I been half a foot taller would have decapitated me.  One ride however, was worth it's £3, it was an hexagon ride that had 8 seats back to back on each pod that then was lifted 50ft in the air and rotated.  To make matters worse, apart from the fact that I am afraid of heights, was that you were not seated but held up by a metal bar between your legs and handles to hold onto (and of course the usual harness).  Definitely a ride worth it's money.

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