Wednesday, 13 October 2010

The Night Listener

Here I am again, writing on my blog. It's been a fortnight since my last update and a lot has happened and at the same time nothing has happened. Classes have finally started and I'm three quarters through my second week, although according to the muck-up on the Social Sciences calendar this is actually week 11. Confused? You will be after this.
                                                  My modules for semester one are as follows;  Tuesday 09:15a.m.- 11:05a.m Histories of Punishment (a rather invigorating account of the history of punishments in England and the UK since 1750s and how they have evolved, a module in my field of information) after that I get to breathe and do Raw Britannia work for two hours before another two hours of my favourite named course "Evil".  This module has been my most anticipated and yet may well have been the biggest let-down so far, but more of that later.  The third lectured module this semester, (My dissertation is my fourth but has no lectures 'cept for the occasional "info & help" lecture), is Problems of Youth.  Again not a particularly invigorating module like evil but much more in my wheelhouse than last years modules.

                    The reason that I was anxious to get back to University intellectually was for the debates we might have in the "Evil" module and yet so far, the pupils have been so silent (myself included) a few of us will speak up but it's always the same people: A blonde girl, another male Student and Myself.  The other reason it seems to have been a let-down is that we are doing it as an almost Philosophical module and trying to link it to criminology and although that's great for debating (although so far no debates) it makes it horrible for trying to envisage reading and taking an exam and an essay on.  So far in this module we have looked at the Theodicy of Evil, The Evil Genius and G_d and the Devil.  I did try to stir some trouble, so some seeds etc..  but even my comment that G_d in the story of Adam and the Apple couldn't stir any trouble.  Don't get me wrong I enjoyed the small and almost silent gasps of the row behind as the Lecturer seemed shocked that I could suggest this but she didn't stay shocked for long either.  It seems that although the lecture material and the lecturer (at times) can be intellectually stimulating but the seminars are thoroughly dull.  We even watched a 20 minute snippet of the Matrix to discuss the Evil Genius but the technology thwarted the lecturer just like in the film we were trying to watch.  So after almost an hour of trying to watch a 20 minute sequence, we only had 5 minutes to discuss.

                     The title of this week's Blog, is the name of a Robin Williams film that I will be watching on I-Player soon after finishing this.  There is a line in it at the beginning that I loved, "As a storyteller I've spent many years looting my life for fiction.  Like a magpie I tend to steal the shiny stuff and discard the rest. The Facts can always be altered when you're telling a story".  This week has been an interesting week so far, Jarand and I went to see the new horror film Devil.  We'd intended on seeing Resident Evil: 3D but had to settle for Devil, which turned out to be a good film in the end and had a perfect correlation to my "Evil" module, it had an unseen malevolent being that causes pain, anguish and distress to those stuck in the elevator of a Lawyers' building.  The film had good twists and turns but in order to be truly scary it needed more action, more emphasis on the claustrophobia of being trapped in an elevator and less of the Christianity bullshit.  Last night, was another eventful outing with Jarand, Sarah and her English friends to Welly, the evening's music was rather painfully loud and screamo.  Although there was some Paramore and some Alexisonfire being played.  Later on in the night we moved from the upstairs room to the downstairs room to dance along to Pop-punk music.  It was a good night and the sort of nights that I have missed around Hull for sometime now.  Jarand and I then got some take-away, I only got something small, Jarand as always burger, chicken and chips.  We then sat up all night chatting til about 4 a.m. It was a good end to the beginning of what is shaping up to be a good week.

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