Monday, 25 October 2010

It's coming to that time of year again

It's the last week of October and Hallowe'en is fast approaching as is the end of Semester One and yet the work is not flowing.  Dissertation has been put on hold, only one essay has been set as of yet and tutorials only just begun last week, it's about to get much more difficult and a lot more stressful.  The perfect time to go on a sobering adventure of giving up alcohol and chocolate for a month. Not the best of times a lot of people may argue to give up on such pleasures, but, the two things that distract me the most apart from the internet which I can't get away from anyway as I need it to do work, watch videos and lectures for my dissertation and to stay in contact with my friends and importantly family abroad. 

It may seem a bit unnecessary to some people to give such things up for a month, but the challenge is key to me avoiding nights like the Rugby League Social.  A night that was very fun and enjoyable but once again stepped over the line through peer-drinking (not peer-pressured drinking but drinking with mates who have a different attitude to drinking than you), and I found myself the next day not remembering how I got home but knowing I had got home safely. Therefore to avoid more nights like that, cut-down on drinking and lose some weight too (it's always a bonus), I've given up on alcohol for a month, in preparation for Exam period, dissertation writing and Lent. As for the chocolate that's to see if I can give it up the same way I've given up sweets which has been for four months now. 

Anyway away from the odd topic of my fastings... Onto "Project X" again, tomorrow I have a meeting with Rachael, the producer, and I'm sure the rest of the teams, marketing and technical, to discuss further developments and hopefully to start officially moving forward i.e. a name!  [I still want to have Banana Vinyl as the name for the Show and its website, but I believe Rachael and my friend Steve (Artist Liaison Manager) have permanently shot that dream down].  I am really looking forward to getting fully involved in this project both on the Production Team and also with my original job, my very, lazy job, of Booking and Stage Manger as it was entitled by Alan during Raw Britannia's tenure. 

       Onto new and more personal excitements I now have dates in which I will be seeing two of my closest friends, first week of november will be a happy week for me as not only will I potentially get to see my best mate Ricardo, Drummer of the Blonde (free bit of publicity for you mate haha) but I will most certainly get to see my first year of University Buddy and good pal, Russ who is coming down from Preston for the day or weekend and I can't wait to have some good old banter with the pair of them!! 

Any who, off I go to get on with some tutorial work for Histories of Punishment and some reading for the subject too.

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