Tuesday, 24 May 2011

And so third year comes to a close...

...I have finished my third and final year of University.

I haven't been on here for awhile and it has been because since my birthday work, life and sleeping has taken a frontseat.  Yeah that might seem a bit weird but when you get to dissertation time nothing but the things that focus you on to work and then after that it is all about trying to have a bit of fun after all the pain of 4000, 3500, 3000, 7000 and a 2000 essay most of which are due in the same day.  The readings, the research, the writing, the editing, the re-writing and the re-editing all take your toll along with the late nights, the lack of sleep and the fact that from the second day of lent to two days after lent I had been sober! that was a length of 44-days.  And a bloody help it was in trying to focus on essays. I think I went to more parties without drinking than I did with drinking, which is certainly not a good thing.

Along with the general essays, my dissertation proved to be extremely difficult and extremely time-consuming.  The amount of Relentless (Energy drinks that come in Pint-sized cans) that were drunk during the duration of my dissertation and assignmnets must've had enough energy to power a small car from Lambert Street to Cottingham Road... in other words, a lot of energy.  The diet that had been taken on during easter holidays (the two weeks I was home with the parents in Belgium) was ruined on day one of coming back to Hull. 

As I approached the end of the year and subsequently the end of my dissertation, I began to feel fed up with everything university related.  I began to give up on the essays I was writing and to hide away from them.  However this thankfully didn't last long and I eventually plucked up the courage and strength to finish off and from therein out I became a Graduate (all things considered).  So to all those who have read this and continued to read and wonder how third year went: It went ok! It wasn't easy, but it didn't kill me.  It wasn't boring but it never beat the previous years and it was never fully educational academical but it was fully educational in the capacity of a lifestyle and of the future.  The future is grim but hey I'm from Grimsby, the future's got nothing on me. Keep tuned for a new blog on the search for a job and a place to leave post-graduation. Take care.

Joe Anderson