Friday, 12 November 2010

Let's get ready to rumble!

It's fight night!!!... well tomorrow anyway, it's the fight of the year, the Best of Enemies as Sky Sports is calling it.  No.. no Mourinho and Rafa are not fighting.  It's David Haye, the Hayemaker, vs Audley Harrison, his former friend now "Enemy".  Why these two became enemies makes no sense, not even after reading Lenox Lewis' comments on the alleged sparring incident that broke their friendship up.

Anyway, the fight is tomorrow, and as a lot of you who know me well know, I'm not the biggest boxing fan, it can be tedious but there is something about this fight that has got me gripped and so I am going to a mate's to watch it with K.F.C and Beer... good combo I'd say. As a relative novice to the boxing arena and the only boxer I have ever paid much attention to fight-wise has been Haye, I'd kind of like him to win but Audley Harrison looks a lot stronger and I think he may have gotten one over Haye in the "bullying" stage of the build-up to the actual fight. 

Away from the fight, something I will come back to, to give my opinions of the live match after it has happened, I wish to discuss, well nothing in particular.  It's been a bit of a busy half-month since I last posted on here, with the company, still unofficially named, and with work and catching up with old friends.  Take for instance last night! Possibly one of the funnest nights I have had all semester and it was the least active with not a lot occurring, yet still hilarious and enjoyable.  I had been planning on having an early night and doing some light University work, preparation for tutorials and lectures etc but ended up going out with my Housemate Sarah to meet a friend of ours, an ex-Loughborough student working in Hull, who was gonna move in with us but due to complications had to go elsewhere.  Anyway we met him and his new housemates at Weatherspoons down the road from us and had a drink there before going to check his new place out and listen to his very good music collection and drink his Polish beer (not bad! but prefer their vodka).  We came back home and had a chat before I left to my room to do some work to find a message from an old friend of mine from Belgium. 

Now this is where the night became one of those epic, yet bizarre nights.  My friend from Belgium goes to University in Boston, America.  We had an international Skype drink up together, her with some Jameson and me with some shit Rum which tasted more like whiskey.  My friend is the coolest and best-friend ever! no matter what time we call each other on Skype we're always online for ages and constantly chatting gibberish to each other, barely making sense to each other but somehow knowing exactly what the other said.  we spent hours catching-up on each others lives, we gossiped and we laughed at somethings we (mainly myself) had done in the past (Aerosmith).  We then had a three-way Skype date with another friend from Belgium who was also in America for this year. I hadn't spoken to her either for a long time and it was great to catch-up with the pair of them and just be silly for once.  We chatted away until 05.30ish a.m. GMT which kind of ruined today's plans of being productive, but for the opportunity of having that conversation with both of them it was more than worth it. 

Apart from that great Skype call, not a lot has happened since I last wrote on here.  The company social was a blast and we all got very, unprofessionally drunk which of course was great! and the pictures that followed were just as great.   Rugby has been going the same, training only to find out the matches have been cancelled which is very frustrating as I really, really want to get on to the pitch and play!  However, all in all October was a good month and November has been going well too.

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