Tuesday, 21 September 2010

... and the term hasn't even begun yet.

Well this is my first attempt at anything like this, it's true. I've never kept a diary and I'm terrible at recording things normally but I'm really interested in perhaps one day working for a newspaper so I'm going to put my hand to blogging.

So far I've been back in Hull for almost two weeks now, and I finally have a second housemate out of the eventual four that will accompany me in the house.  We have Emily and Sarah now, with Sarah being the latest arrival at the house.  She is a final year student I believe and is from Germany but that has been all I have been able to find out so far.  Emily is a girl from England, she is a cheerleader for the American Football Team at Hull University, and has been a good friend since we met.  We went out to Piper last night after having a few drinks at her friends' house. 

So far nothing has occurred in Hull to really write about, as we're still half a week away from Freshers week and so there are not a lot of students around at the moment.  However saying this on Thursday I will be going into the University to meet my Dissertation Supervisor, Majid Yar, and discuss the dissertation topic that I have chosen and also the Titular Question of the piece: How does Informative media (for example News Channels) differ in its portrayal of criminals to that of Entertainment Media (specifically the TV show Bones) and how those portrayals are viewed by the General Public.  Yes, I agree, I may have shot myself in the foot with this one as I have been told already by the admins in the Social Sciences department that this is not the usual style of Dissertation topic that most people go for (i.e. Race and Crime or Gender and Crime) but he did say that maybe it will work in my favour as this may excite the examiners more than Race and Crime dissertation would do.  Let's cross our fingers and hope I haven't shot myself in the foot too early and I'll keep updating on how it is going.

One last thing to mention is my involvement in Hull University's Raw Britannia, a Television show idea that films raw, talented bands from around the UK and interviews them in a bid to widen people's tastes to new and arriving bands. I work in the form of Stage Manager and Booking Manager but my job really entails me chasing bands for their Spec List, a list of everything that they are bringing and that they will need from us at the studio, it's not glamorous but I've enjoyed it for the half a year that I've been doing it so far.  We're going on a two-month filming stop at the moment in order to learn new skills and to train new members in areas that the final year students are doing in order to continue the "franchise" so to speak.

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